Emerson Signs Agreement to Acquire Valves & Controls Business from Pentair

September 03, 2016

The Fisher V270 is a three piece, trunnion mounted, full-bore control valve designed from the ground up with features for optimized pressure, flow and process control.

The V270 full-bore ball valve is designed for automated control in bypass, batch, monitor, and emergency shutoff service applications, and it presents little or no restriction to flow.

The V270 full-bore ball valve is available with composition seals, and process type live-loaded shaft packing for improved service life and lower emissions.
Unless otherwise noted, all NACE references are to NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156.


Excellent Flow Control—Shaft and trunnion guiding provides improved dynamic control.

Sour Service and Sour Crude Oil Capability—Standard construction materials comply with NACE Standard MR0175 / ISO 15156.

Tight Shutoff—Self-adjusting seals that are pressure assisted provide Class VI shutoff for long reliable service. The design incorporates a heavy duty S31600 stainless steel carrier that retains the composition seal.

Free Standing Design—Comes standard with a base bracket allowing the valve to sit upright.

Heavy Duty Trunnions—The ball trunnions are designed for demanding applications requiring long service life, with a reduction in maintenance time and costs.

Double Block and Bleed—Design comes standard with a dual seal arrangement.

Optional Fire-Safe Construction